XBEAM 17 CMY BEAM / SPOT / WASH moving head with 17R 350W lamp with CMY color mixing, 2 color wheels, CTO, 2 gobo wheels, 2 prisms, frost, focus and zoom

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Spectacular BEAM / SPOT / WASH hybrid moving head with 17R 350W discharge lamp. Great versatility by having openings from 4º in BEAM mode, up to 35º in SPOT mode and 55º in WASH mode. With CMY color mixing that allows to reproduce any color without limitation. It also has a linear color temperature corrector and 10 dichroic colors. With 11 fixed gobos plus 5 beam reducers, 9 rotating gobos and double prism of linear and circular of 6 and 8 faces respectively with morphing effect. It also features motorized zoom, focus and frost. Controllable by DMX with 21 or 25 channels. It has optional wireless DMX.

Configuration: via control panel with LCD touch screen
DMX: 21/25 channels
Connections for DMX with 3 and 5 pins
Automatic / slave
Rhythm of music
Type: short arc discharge lamp with integrated reflector
Lamp included: YODN MSD350R17
Color temperature : 7,800 K
Average lifespan: 1,500 h
Pan: 540 °
Tilt: 270 °
Variable movement speed
Resolution: 16 bits
Auto-position correction
Mixing CMY linear
CTO linear
2 wheels with 5 dichroic colors (+ white) each
Fixed colors or matches
1 wheel with 11 static gobos + 5 beam reducers (+ open)
Shake effect
1 wheel with 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos (+ open)
Gobo indexing and rotation resolution: 16 bits
Gobo size: total 14, 9 mm / image 13 mm / maximum thickness 1.1 mm
Electronic linear dimmer from 0% to 100%
Strobe effect with variable speed 0.5 – 10 Hz
8-sided rotating circular
prism 6-sided rotating linear prism
Frost effect
Electronic linear zoom
Linear approach el Electronic
Aperture: 4 ° ~ 20 ° in BEAM mode, 6 ° ~ 35 ° in SPOT mode, 55 ° in WASH mode
Voltage: 110 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz (powerCON)
Consumption: 550 W
Dimensions: 410 x 290 x 700 mm
Maximum ambient operating temperature: 40 ° C
Weight: 21.9 kg
Does not include Flight Case and accessories



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Weight 33 kg


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